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T&T Marine - Southern Africa's Leading Dredging & Marine Contractor


T&T Marine PTY (Ltd) is based in South Africa and has been at the cutting edge of niche marine dredging and marine support for the past 8 years. Run by the two Tucker brothers and a team of hard working highly skilled operators, T&T would like to show you a few of our services that may be of assistance to you

Our main business segment is marine civils where we specialize in dredging, harbour construction and earthmoving, including the construction and maintenance of ports and waterways, land reclamation, coastal defense and river rehabilitation. We also have a marine hydrographic surveying division.

We pride ourselves in developing innovative solutions, which are created in our workshop and then implemented by a team of experts in the field using our state-of-the art equipment.

T&T offers a range of specialized services

Difficult Dredging Jobs

For those difficult dredging jobs often too small for the large trailing suction dredgers

Rehabilitation of Berths

Rehabilitation of berths

Marine Civils Contracts

For marine civils contracts where you need hard working reliable people


For jobs that need accuracy and precision profiling

Dredging Jobs

From dredging estuaries and lagoons to open sea off large ships & barges.


Low establishment costs

What we are good at




Specialist Equipment


Skilled Professionals

Latest Projects

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