The Engineering Division Specializes in Fabrication & Metal Works

T&T Marine design and manufactures our own dredgers, floating pontoons and other miscellaneous work . This facility has recently undergone a floor expansion to assist with commissioning of these dredgers onsite. Another recent innovation is the development of an amphibious excavator, the only one of its kind in South Africa, including the ability of customising the amphibious excavator to any specifications or sites.

We are prepared and equipped to take on these projects at short notice as well as providing expert and comprehensive services.

We balance our home market strength with international reach and capacity, making us one of Africa’s leading dredging groups with some of the most technically advanced equipment available. Our harbor construction and land reclamation experience and quality of work has made us the dredging contractor of choice for a variety of projects / clients around Southern Africa.

We can provide equipment that is typically not available locally and offer world-class expertise to tackle the largest projects, while meeting the most stringent, health, safety and environmental standards. We are also ISO 9001 accredited.

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